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Having played guitar for many years on and off and having got to a level I could play some chords and put together a song which sounded OK (to me) I was  beginning to despair of ever being able to play lead guitar  like some of my guitar heroes. Then I met Jim......... He has taught me various scales and techniques, in a no nonsense, direct way,  which I could understand and translate onto the fretboard. I can now  play along with songs and string together some great riffs (with almost reckless abandon). When I jammed recently with my friend of many years he was quite amazed at my progress and in his words "had found the freedom of the fretboard". He wants me to show him now. I recently had the good fortune to see Jim play,  with his band No Shame, at the Twist in Colchester supporting Michael Schenker. I was not the only one impressed with his abilities, all around me the crowd were fully appreciative .This has encouraged me even more to keep on to try to emulate him.
Not only can Jim play well he can impart this to students of all levels and ages at whatever speed / depth they wish to learn. You can't say that of many guitar teachers. Thanks Jim. You've made an aging rocker very happy.
Regards, Brian


I saw the band ( No Shame) at the Twist last night and was very impressed with the covers of some great rock tracks (would love to have heard Armed and Ready!!!!). My son and I shook your lead singers hand after the show and I commented that your lead guitarist was as good as MS on the night - looks like others agreed.

Mike Colchester 27.1.08

"I had been "making noises" for a year before my wife had had enough and
booked a lesson with Jim!
I discovered my guitar was out of tune "so it wasn't my fault".
I have had the pleasure of being coached now for 6 months and now she looks
forward to hearing what Jim has taught me every week, and the tunes we

An excellent tutor who encourages individual style's and music tastes, Jim
has a complimentary style and a proven scope of training patterns.  To
recommend Jim would be an understatement


Jimís an awesome guy and he knows what heís talking about. Before I started lessons, listening and just wondering Ďhow the hell do they make those noises?í thinking them as a goal impossible to achieve, two years later with great teachings from Jim it's so easy. Heís a great teacher, answers all my questions with ease simplifying it so even I can understand. Heís a badass.



I'd had a guitar for about a month, and after trying to teach myself from a book I thought I was never going to get the hang of it. Then a friend said "You should have lessons", so I looked up guitar teachers in Essex on Google, and thought "I'll call this Jim Hurley guy". Eighteen months later, I can play some pretty complicated stuff, all thanks to Jim. He explains what seems like another language into a way that even the biggest novice can understand, and seems to know how to do just about everything on a guitar. A great teacher, I'd recommend Jim to anyone.

Finally, a guitar teacher who can actually teach what you want to learn! I drop my 13-year-old son off for an hourís lesson and he comes home playing the intro to Hells Bells. Not for us the painful experience of those initial attempts at scales over and over again. No, we have AC/DC played at full volume and with attitude after just one lesson. Well thatís great, but is learning to play the guitar all about learning other peopleís songs? Apparently not Ė in the process Sam also somehow absorbed information on keys and scales, pentatonic, minor, major, terms which meant nothing to me until he explained it! Now thatís what you want in a teacher, somebody who not only understands the technical stuff, but can play from the heart and whatís more, can show others how to do the same thing.

Within a few weeks Sam could make his guitar sing and it was a true pleasure to listen to him play. Not only that, but Jim taught him how to tune, re-string his guitar and had explained the mysteries of amplification and effects Ė something sadly lacking in most music teachers lately. In a very short space of time Sam had progressed to improvising his own solos and variations on his favourite tunes, and Jim somehow managed to keep up his enthusiasm week after week so that the lure of the guitar became far greater than hanging out on street corners after school. I donít know how he does it, but whatever your age or musical taste, this is the man you want to call if you want to play real music.

Michele , Sam's Mum

I was learning the guitar from the web, some books and trial & error, and I was getting myself in a right state. I have had several teachers in the past, but with them all, they left me thinking "what have I learnt?". I have been with Jim Since Oct 07, and since then he has taught me more in 6 months than in the past year or so. I know that if I am in a rut, Jim always points me forward. He is every budding guitarist's compass!. Jim has taught me more than just how to play better, he is teaching me the nuts & bolts of music and guitar playing. The missus and the kids now enjoy my practising, and do not shut me out with the cat at night.

Thank-you Jim....

From Dean...

Jim Hurley! What can I say.

After my son James had spent two unsuccessful years having guitar lessons at school, learning virtually nothing and still desperate to play, I decided to try private lessons. I discovered Jim's website on the Net and decided he seemed like a good bet.

I was right. From day one it has been obvious how committed and passionate Jim is about the guitar and teaching others how to play. He has the patients of a saint and just the right way of making things seem easy. James has learnt an enormous amount of things in just three
months. He can play chords, scales and his favourite songs.

James (age 7) says ' Jim is a great teacher and has taught me loads. I love going every week and learning something new.'

James has now even got the confidence to play to his mates which I never thought I would see.

My only regret? Not taking James to Jim two years ago.

Keep up the great work Jim. You are now officially James' hero.

Karen (a very pleased Mum) and James (a future rock star in the




10 May 2008

Hey just had to say I love your cover version of one of my favourite Stones tracks 'Gimme Shelter'. you do it justice! The guitar licks are awesome. its almost spitting fire! CALLEN

13 July 2008

Hi Jim just wanted to say I was blown away by your playing last night at the Ipswich Railway...wow you can sure make that axe sing...nice to meet you too! CALLEN in the East.


I know it's been a while but I'd just like to say thank you for all the lessons, when I first started out I'd never thought I would be able to play anything, but now riffing and soloing like there's no tomorrow ;) so thank you very much and hopefully the next time you see me will be on the cover of a magazine 'rock god Jake Murphy!'
a boy can dream, have a good life my man



  Congrats on the website, I looked on the RGT website and yours and a couple of other names stuck out as you had websites where you could actually find something about potential teachers as opposed to just a name and a telephone number and some vague details as to what styles you can teach.

Ben Jones June 2009