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Les Paul.

To be fair for many years my main guitar. I brought back in the late 80's to celebrate getting a gig at London's marquee club when I was with a band called Laiden Run. I have changed the pick-ups lots over the years at the moment it has the stock Gibson pick-ups in it from a pal of mines gothic Gibson flying v (cheers Jim). It has never let me down ... what more can I say ? Les Paul knew what he was doing .Only modification I Put strap locks on it. Please note the custom truss rod cover given to me by a student!

Kramer Focus

The workhorse, I have thrashed this guitar to within an inch of its life and it always comes back from the dead. Heavily customized over the years (it started life cream !!) the scratch plate was custom made for me out of stainless steel, the colour and the rewiring was all done by my pal Chris Hounsell but the mark one Floyd rose trem was on it from the beginning and to be fair it was never broken down .I had the top few frets scalloped for high bends ! And of course strap locks.



Most resent guitar and in a way I brought it to kind of back up my Kramer .However I must say I have done nothing to it and it rocked straight out of the box ( once I had sorted the trem out) . Reversed head stock Floyd rose trem Seymour Duncan pick-ups 24 frets, Dark metallic blue paint job, built in treble booster, truly the devils own weapon :)

Epiphone explorer

I kind of brought this one on a whim a friend of mine was selling it as his son found it "unsuitable" . I looks great black with all gold hardware .I don't use it that much at the moment , but I do go though stages of using or not using guitars and one day soon I'll pick it up and use it again I'm sure, after all it looks so very rock n roll and sounds great just like a mean Les Paul!!! :)

Suzuki electro acoustic

mostly used at home for teaching and practicing but I did once do an acoustic "unplugged" gig with it with No Shame at The Twist in Colchester. Its kinda knocked about but still nice to play.


Aria Pro II Bass Guitar

This guitar was given to me .. used mostly these days for teaching, I have yet to use at a gig. Its a lovely old bass and very comfortable to play . It also has actives.

Marshall mark 2 100 watt super lead (circa 1982)

I have two of these tops this one's my favorite .I have been using it since I was 18 years old, I've tried all sorts of amps over the years but always come back to the Marshall , nothing else rocks quite the same. I have four jcm800 4x12's so on a good night I can use two full stacks ,the hammer of the gods of a sound...mmmmmmm

Effects( Old rig)

I'm not a great one for effects, most of the time they just cut your signal, here I'm using a zoom gfx8 mostly just for eq and delay and of course a trusty coloursound wah-wah . I go though phases of using loads of effects then hardly any, at the end of the day to get that old classic Marshall rock sound, I use an old classic Marshall :)


Current rig

back to mostly analogue effects much less signal loss :)

top korg tuner and  power bank

then below left to right : boss super chorus, equalizer, digital delay, overdrive then a Germania treble booster and the every present coloursound wah-wah, I'll try and put a more detailed list etc. up here if anyone's interested :)