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Jim Hurley has been teaching the guitar for a scarily long 18 years, and when you’ve been doing something half your life, you’re either pretty stubborn or pretty good. Luckily James falls into the latter camp. James however doesn’t just want to teach you how to play the guitar, oh no – as he says what he really wants to do is “demystify” it for you. That means decoding the difficult stuff and putting it all together for you in a way that makes sense. Playing guitar isn’t hard, says James, once someone shows you the basics. “That’s what I do well, and my students really respond”. James has played lead guitar and composed material in Hard Rock bands for many years to critical acclaim . He regularly gigs all over the southeast and east of England in between creating Metal Gods and Rock Goddesses.


Terry Bishop
Laindon and Los Angeles 2005

A Little history......

He started playing guitar aged 14

James has played lead guitar for...

Laiden Run, Plug in Drug , Colney Hatch, No Shame, Steady State,

Played at such venues as The Marquee club London ,the Ruskin Arms, The Chelmsford V festival, The Bull Dog Bash, The Black Shuck, The Arse In the Grass, The Twist, The Royal Standard, Nottingham Rock City

Played on same bill /supported

Budgie, Girlschool, Here and Now, Michael Schenker, Thunder, Blaze, The Bay City Rollers !, Diamond Head, Jezebelle, Lime House Lizzy, Status Quo, I.Q, Jadis, among others...

Worked with,

Dion Estus (George Michael/Wham) , Go Global , English Rogues, Paul Sampson,   Steevi Bacon, Paul Dianno (Iron Maiden)  Back Chat , Bob Harding (Hawkwind ,Eric Blake ,Phil Hillbourne) , Warpspeed, Sonic Violence and a bunch of others he cant remember.